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Personal Injury

Steven Goldberg is an experienced lawyer specializing in matters of wrongful death, serious injury, medical and legal malpractice and insurance bad faith.


Wrongful Death

His practice comprises a number of different areas including civil tort litigation, product liability, wrongful termination/sexual harassment and discrimination, cumis counsel, business torts, and personal injury.


Insurance Fraud

We are not only the correct type of law firm, but have extensive experience in winning these types of legal cases. We work on as contingency basis, which mean if no recovery-you do not pay any lawyer’s fee.

Today it is more difficult than ever for injured people to receive prompt and fair compensation from insurance companies and large corporations...

California law no longer penalizes the defendant's insurance companies for stalling or making low ball offers. Corporations and insurance companies, with rooms full of their highly paid lawyers, have the upper hand if you don't have a good lawyer. Attorney Steven Goldberg at Goldberg & Gille sees to it that your claim is being handled right. He is an attorney who will use every aspect of the law to your advantage.

If we were to represent you, we would keep you informed about your case, educate you about the legal process, and treat you with respect. You will have the confidence in knowing that we will do whatever it takes to bring your case to a quick resolution...because we aggressively pursue all avenues to resolve the case in your favor until a settlement or verdict is reached. We win!

"I think the first duty of society is justice." - Alexander Hamilton